Group Experiences

BRAVE WISDOM workshops are guided group experiences hosted at luxurious venues. 

Based on the best selling book The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte.

1:1 Coaching

Our BRAVE WISDOM coaching program is a personalized 1:1 coaching experience tailored to your needs and desires.


What our Clients Say About Lisa as a Coach

I've never received coaching/advice as valuable as my work with Lisa. Yes, the magnitude of my specific situation was part of the reason...but I feel that Lisa's help was invaluable, partly for the tactical advice...and partly for the mental preparation."  TJ, San Jose

What our Clients Say About Brave Wisdom Events

What was your experience at the event? "AMAZING to see the transformation of others and feel it myself." What was your greatest takeaway? "Increased energy, centeredness, passion, hope, connectedness." Would you recommend this experience to a friend? "YES!"BF, San Francisco

The Desire Map Materials